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Nama-Ste in Singapore


It had been about two weeks since my last yoga class and my body needed the attention.  My winter break was coming to an end so I decided to fit in some much needed stretching.  I found a yoga studio not from from Chinatown - Yoga Movement. Classes were easy to sign up for.  They pretty ...

Thailand Lottery


If you have ever been to Bangkok I am sure you have seen the streets filled with Lotto Vendors.  Until I took a tour with a local bike shop, I had no idea what they were selling.  In the USA everything is electronic and for the most part, individuals select their own numbers.  Well in ...



It was lights out immediately after day 1 of touring with Karim.  The combination of flying all day Christmas, arriving at my hotel at 2 AM, rising for a 8AM all day tour, and kayaking for 2.5 hours drained the life out of me.  I was able to get in 8 hours and rose bright ...