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Day Tripping – Sentosa


With only 3 days to spend in Singapore, one of them had to be a trip to the beach.  The nearest beach is Sentosa.  Sentosa is not far from the city and can be accessed via pedestrian boardwalk, cable cars, car, and tram.  The attractions on the island include a beach, Fort Siloso, the Merlion and ...

My Petronas View


I visited the Petronas Twin Towers on my second day in Kuala Lumpur (KL).  Based on my Lonely Planet pocket handbook, it was recommended that I make reservations at least a week in advance so I would not have to wait in a long queue.  I made them 3 days in advance and there were ...

Thailand Lottery


If you have ever been to Bangkok I am sure you have seen the streets filled with Lotto Vendors.  Until I took a tour with a local bike shop, I had no idea what they were selling.  In the USA everything is electronic and for the most part, individuals select their own numbers.  Well in ...