Hero Marathon – HM#42


I knocked another state off the list this past weekend, Arkansas. Only 8 more states to go – AK, VT, RI, MT, WY, ND, ID and HI. Idaho is scheduled for November so that will leave seven states to complete by January 2022. I am leaving Hawaii for January 2022.

The Hero Half Marathon in Fayetteville, Arkansas was a very well put together event. The race was point-to-point which means you park at the finish and buses shuttle the runners to the start. The race started at 8AM, Sunday, October 13, 2019. Packets had to be picked up prior to race day. I picked mine up on Saturday upon my arrival. XNA airport – North Arkansas Airport is a 20-30 minute drive from downtown Fayetteville so plan on renting a car.

After packet pickup I stopped for an early dinner and then visited an attraction found on trip advisor.com, Battlefield Park. The park is very rustic and absolutely beautiful. The pictures below will explain the history of the park.

Race Day 

  • I arrived at 7AM to the finish line for the shuttle that transported runners to the start.  Parking in the parking garage was free until noon so that was a plus.  The last shuttle left the finish line at 7:30AM and the race was scheduled to start at 8AM.
  • All runners were allowed to hang out in the Lokomotion, a mini arcade, until race started.
  • They only had 8 porta-potties.  They definitely need plan for more next year.  There was still a long line at 7:55 AM
  • The race ended up starting at 8:15 AM.  I think they delayed it due to line for porta-potties.  They tried to distract us by performing a warm up routine on stage but we all were looking at each saying, “what the heck is going on, it’s after 8 already”.  LOL
  • Majority of the route was on their greenway – Lake Fayetteville.  I must say the route was very picturesque and there were plenty of volunteers and aid stations.  
  • The weather was perfect.  It was 38 degrees, clear and sunny.  I ran with gloves on for about 4 miles.
  • There was a steep uphill in the last half mile of the race.  I was not ready for that so I walked it.
  • There were nothing but firemen and fire trucks at the finish.  The firemen presented the runners with the finisher medals.

I would definitely recommend this race.  Fayetteville is a quaint college town.  




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