Day Tripping – Sentosa


With only 3 days to spend in Singapore, one of them had to be a trip to the beach.  The nearest beach is Sentosa.  Sentosa is not far from the city and can be accessed via pedestrian boardwalk, cable cars, car, and tram.  The attractions on the island include a beach, Fort Siloso, the Merlion and Universal Studios Singapore.  On the beach you can Mega Zip Line  , bungee jump, go through an obstacle course, or just relax on the beach.  They also have a couple of food stores.

I arrived at Sentosa via cable car.  I inquired at my hotel’s front desk, Hotel 1929, about the journey and they said I had to take the train to Vivo City and then take a taxi to Mount Faber to catch the cable cars.  As I got out there I realized you could actually get the cable car from Vivo City.  I actually doubled backed by going to Mount Faber because Vivo City is the next stop on the cable cars after Mount Faber.  It was no biggie, my transit card was good for unlimited rides for the duration of my stay and the taxi was only 6 SD.  The cable car was I believe 35-40 SD and was good for 24 hours.

Metro to Sentosa

Cable Cars from Mount Faber

Arriving via Cable Car

Once on the island, you have to take another set of cable cars to get to the Merlion and the Silos Fort area where the beach is situated.  There is no extra charge for these cable cars.  The first stop was at the Merlion.  I took a bunch of touristy pictures and walked around Merlion.  I had no desire to go up to his mouth – yes that is an option for a fee.  Walking around him is free 😀.  I also visited a gift shop but nothing caught my eye.


Next stop was Siloso Fort/Beach.  I was supper excited because I had already decided Singapore was going to be my adventure activity.  You see in Thailand I took a Bangkok cooking class, Bangkok city night bike ride tour and ventured out to caves via a speed boat in Phuket and in Malaysia I took a tour up the Pentronas Towers.  So ziplining was going to be my Singapore adventure.

Cable Car Station for the Beach

I had zip lined twice before, once near my home in Georgia and the second time was in Playa del Carmen Mexico so I knew what to expect.  But just to be safe, I watched others from the beach to see how far the zip would take you and how the landing was setup – easy peasy.  I purchased my ticket for 45 SD and received my gear.  I also purchased locker access for my backpack.  That was an additional 4 SD.  I could have used it for the rest of the day at the beach but I planned on leaving after my zip.

Beach View2

Beach View1 – Zipline Terminate

The Mega  Zip Line was so much fun.  It ran across the beach.  I do wish it was longer but still exciting.  They gave you the option to go again for 15 SD.  I decided to pass.  I had already spent enough for the day with the purchase of the pictures from the event – 4 pictures for 40 SD which included digital and printed pictures.

Well that was my beach/zipline day.  I gathered my backpack and started back to Chinatown but not before I grabbed a scoop of coconut ice cream. 😋   I needed it for the 2 cable rides back to Vivo City and the train ride back to Chinatown.



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