Tranquility in the Gardens


Today is my last full day in Singapore.  I wanted to take it easy with a visit to one landmark and completion of my shopping.  I chose the Chinese Gardens since it was out of town – far end of Singapore and it was on my list to visit.  I also wanted to make use of my three day unlimited transit card which I purchased for 30 SD.  It grants you access to all buses, trains and trams.

The day started with an hour workout in Duxton Plain Park.  It is a lovely park with a trail.  Not sure of the trail length but I made three loops which included walking the street.  Upon the last loop I did three rounds of body weight exercises coupled with the equipment available in the park.  The park is right in front of my hotel – Hotel 1929 in Chinatown.

Entrance to the Park from New Bridge Road


Park exercise equipment

My next stop was Lululemon.  Leave me alone, I love Lulu and they had a new pair of leggings that I want. I was hoping they had them here so I headed over to Duxton Road which is 5 minutes from my hotel.  It was only 9:30 AM and they did not open until 10 AM.  I killed time by grabbing a bun with pineapple and real chocolate inside of it.  It was so soft and delicious.  I washed it down with a drink.  By this time it was 9:50 AM so I headed back to Lulu.  I still had to wait 5 minutes for them to open.  I get in and no leggings 🙄  A representative called their other location, ION Orchard Mall, and they reported they did not have them either.  Oh well, there goes an hour.

So it was about 10:20 and I started my journey over to the MRT station around the corner.  Per my Google Maps app, the Chinese Gardens were 7 stops away which was about 25 minutes.

Tanjong Pagar MRT Station

Before I knew it I was at the gardens.  As soon as you exit the MRT Station, the gardens are straight ahead.  There is no getting lost or having to ask anyone for directions.  You can actually see them from the train.

I did not stay long.  I took a bunch of pictures and left.  There was music coming from the rear of the gardens which sounded like a rehearsal.  Being that I did not go around the back of the gardens and I did not see that they connect to the Japanese Gardens 🤷🏽‍♀️  Oh well, I guess I can visit them next time.  What I did see was absolutely stunning.


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