Nama-Ste in Singapore


It had been about two weeks since my last yoga class and my body needed the attention.  My winter break was coming to an end so I decided to fit in some much needed stretching.  I found a yoga studio not from from Chinatown – Yoga Movement.

Classes were easy to sign up for.  They pretty much use the same interface we use in the USA.   I created an account via the portal and signed up for a evening class.  I chose an evening class because I knew I wanted to have a day at the beach.  The weather called for thunderstorms in the evening.

I arrived and was pleasantly greeted.  They had me fill out a paper registration form and showed me around.  Their lockers came with locks 🔐 so I didn’t have to use my own.  What I really liked was the fact they had mats already setup for you in their classes.  This was awesome.  With the mats laid out you don’t have to worry about someone taking up too much space.

The class was very good.  It was a Power class so it wasn’t as face paced as a Flow class and not as slow as a Core class.  Singapore is already hot and humid so I was happy when the AC went on – LOL.  Don’t get me wrong, I love heated yoga classes but I don’t think I would have lasted.  The practice focused on binding.  The poses were challenging but not so challenging that I could not follow along.  It was a great chest, back and shoulder opener.

After class someone comes in to clean all the mats.  I did wonder about that while I was in my corpse pose 🤔😂.  Overall I would definitely recommend this studio if you are staying in Singapore or vacationing.  They do not have any specials for new students though so be prepared to pay 30 Singapore Dollars.


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