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I visited the Petronas Twin Towers on my second day in Kuala Lumpur (KL).  Based on my Lonely Planet pocket handbook, it was recommended that I make reservations at least a week in advance so I would not have to wait in a long queue.  I made them 3 days in advance and there were more than enough time slots available during the day.  The night slots were pretty almost gone.

Fortunately I was staying at the Holiday Inn Express in the city center.  I was close enough to walk over to the towers.  The walk was not short but worth it.  There is a skywalk that links most major buildings together so the walk was in AC and through the KLCC Convention Center and Mall.  So it was very scenic although indoors.

I left the hotel around 3:35 PM and arrived at the towers 15 minutes prior to my queue start time of 4:15 PM so they let me enter with the 4:00 PM queue.  The attendants scanned my ticket on my phone.  I then entered the security scanner for my bag and person.  Those with selfie sticks and/or tripods had to leave them at the door to retrieve upon their exit.  I do not recall any other restrictions.

The tour started with a video overview of what floors we would traverse.  After the video we entered a large elevator.  The first stop was floor 41, the Sky Bridge.  The Sky Bridge was built by a Japanese builder along with one of the Towers.  The 2nd Tower was built by a Korean builder.  The entire structure took about 7.5 years to complete.

Towers and Sky Bridge

After about 15 minutes on floor 41, we were instructed to queue up for the elevator again for our next stop.  We were the “green” queue.  We were given green badges before we entered the elevators.

Next stop, floor 86.  We were in the Tower farthest from the KL Tower.

Floor 86

After the 86th floor, we were taken back down.  We returned our green queue badges and were given the opportunity to purchase any photos taken by their photographers and items from the gift shop.  I purchased the photo below for 75 MYR as a digital photo.  That price also included a second digital photo and a printed photo.

Photographer Photo

I don’t usually climb towers for views so I decided to try something new.  Glad I did because I enjoyed the experience.



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