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If you have ever been to Bangkok I am sure you have seen the streets filled with Lotto Vendors.  Until I took a tour with a local bike shop, I had no idea what they were selling.  In the USA everything is electronic and for the most part, individuals select their own numbers.  Well in Thailand, the numbers are generated by the government and winners are selected on the 1st and 16th of every month.

The government agency is GLO – Government Lottery Office.  The government allows two legal forms of gambling – lottery and horse racing in Bangkok.  The odds of winning are very low but that does not stop the popularity of the game.  I believe the payout ratio is around 60% while in other parts of the world the ratio is around 74%.

How it works:

(1) The Thai GLO prints the tickets shown in the picture and sells them to wholesalers.

(2) The wholesalers then sell the tickets to local retailers for 80 baht

(3) The local retailers/vendors then sells to the public.

A single ticket costs 40 baht but lottery tickets can only be purchased in pairs making the official cost 80 baht.  Street Vendors tend to mark up the price on the lottery ticket pair anywhere ranging from 5 baht to 50 baht over the 80 baht price they purchased them for.  This is how they make their money

After the GLO regulations of 2015 which stated it was illegal to sell a lottery pair over 80 baht, Street Vendors are now marking up the price “illegally”.  So any price over 80 baht is negotiable.  This new regulation has really cut into the profit of many Street Vendors.  Regardless, you will continue to see the streets lined with Lotto Vendors like above.

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