Virginia Highlands 5K


My last road race was April 8th – New Mexico half marathon. I claimed state 31 on my 50 state quest.  That race was plumb painful. I walked 8-9 of the 13.1 miles.  My body ached so much that I decided to give long distance running a break.

These days my running consists of whatever I feel like doing on any given day 🤣🤣 and usually not more than 3 miles.  I decided to run this race Wednesday after checking the weather to see if it would be sunny.  I’m over running in the rain and cold.  Treadmills are made for a reason.

This 5K was not near my home but it was 10 minutes away from one of my yoga studios.  So I could get in a run then hit hot yoga right after.. and I did.

The course was very hilly.  Those long type ascends with short descends 🙄.

Hill #1

I ran the first hill but walked all the others.  It was just too hot to want to be bothered with the added exertion.  Yes I have become a lazy runner – shoot me.

The race ends near a pretty little park at the bottom of a hill.  I was pleased with the down hill finish 🙌🏾. The clock said 36 minutes but I started at least a minute or two after the clock time.  I made sure to stay clear of the “real runners”.  I was in front of the baby strollers which, by the way, passed me on the course.

Finish Line




Post Race Treats





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