Memorial Weekend – Zencaytion


I have been traveling each month to a new country since May of 2016 and this girl is tired.  I decided to rest this weekend and spend the end of May and the month of June doing what I love – hiking, kayaking, running, yoga and cycling.  Not to mention focusing on my nutrition.  I plan to make a better Mimi over the next 35 days.

Priority #1

Day 1 – Hot Vinyasa Yoga
I signed up for 30 days unlimited classes at Decatur Yoga & Pilates. This yoga studio is not near my house but they offer more types and frequencies of classes. I figured I could pop into this studio in the evenings since they have a 7:45 class Mon-Wed.  They also have late classes on the weekend.

Today’s class started at 6PM.  With the wonderful Friday, holiday-weekend traffic, it took me 1 hour to get to the studio that is only 16 miles away.  I arrived at 5:45 which was more than enough time to decompress and setup for class.  The hot room for Vinyasa is 95-100 degrees so it is definitely manageable.  There were only 14 students so there was no competition for mirror space 😀.  The instructor was very down to earth like most yogis.  She took things slow so that we could try new poses.  I never used a strap before and we did this class.  I really enjoyed the format of the class.

down dog pose


Malasana Pose

After class  I stopped into Roots and Juices ,which is in Buckhead, for a cold pressed drink made of cucumbers, mint and ginger – The Hydrate.  I just love drinks that have ginger in them.  Once I arrived home I had my evening snack of a One Salted Caramel protein bar, showered and started my evening RELAXATION.

Roots & Juices

Until tomorrow….



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