A day on the Plantation


My trip to Gruatemala in January would not have been complete without tasting the coffee. Filadelfia Coffee Tours  did a wonderful job of showing us around.  They are not just a tour company but a full fledged resort. The grounds are beautiful.  I will definitely stay with a night or two with them when I return.

I never knew so much work went into my cup of Joe.  The tour was very extensive.  We started with a pickup at a church 10 minutes from the plantation

Tour Vehicle

Once on the resort our tour guide gave us a briefing on what to expect and then we were off to the area where the coffee beans are grown.  It looks like any average garden.

Coffee Plants

We learned about how the plants are breaded.  The most popular plant is a hybrid where they blend the roots of two plants together.

The coffee bean


This is what grets dried and roasted (see the video on how the beans are laid out to dry on the patio).

There are many more steps to the process but you get the idea.  There is also a grading process based on class.  The lower class of bean, less pure, gets made into instant coffee.

I hope you remember this blog when you reach for your next cup of Joe 🤔.



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