Run for Hearts


I am so thankful we have not had much of a winter this season.  Today we had morning temperatures in the high 40’s which is great running weather.  Other than the overcast of rain, this morning was perfect.  I was able to finish and make it home before the rain came.

The race hosted by Hooz Running started at the Stone Mountain Village Visitor’s Center – 891 Main Street, Stone Mountain, GA – benefitting the American Heart Association.  The course was a 1.5 mile loop run through the city twice and the last 2 miles was an out and back on the trail at the foot of the mountain.


Stone Mountain Visitor Center

Registration was $30 and I opted to pick up my packet before the start of the race at 7:30AM.  The race started at 8:00AM.  Our packet consisted of a bib and a white long sleeve cotton tee-shirt with 2 safety pins.  Not many races provide long sleeve tee shirts so this was a plus.

The Race

There is a 4.90 mile loop at the base of the mountain that I have run before so I just assumed this was our route because I never check the course route prior to the race.  Well this was not the course 😜.  We started at the Visitor Center and ran a 1.5 mile loop outside the mountain twice.  This loop was quite hilly the first loop so by the 2nd loop my legs were feeling it.  Also during the 2nd loop I started to get a right side stitch.  I haven’t been running distance so my body is not used to my gait.  I would always get stitches when I first started running and remembered I need to slow down and lean into the stitch taking deep breaths – it worked!!

OK, the first 5K of the 5 miler was completed and now it was time for the last 2 miles.  The last 2 miles were on the course where I thought the whole races was going to be.  Only problem was the first mile was basically all down hill which made the return a beast.


Course Elevation


I was able to run the whole race for which I have not run 5 miles without walk breaks in a long time so I was completely geeked.  My time was not bad at all – stayed under an 11 minute mile considering the elevation.  My gait felt strong and my breathing was on point.

Pace per Mile

Post race we received a dog tag as a finishers medal and three yummy pieces of chocolate.  The chocolate didn’t stand a chance – LOL.  Overall, very well put together event and I had a great time.


Overall Stats




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