Lissy’s Casa en La Habana


I just returned from Cuba and must say I really enjoyed my last AirBNB casa.  This time I opted for more of a central/Verdado location.  I could see the Malecón from my bedroom window as well as the National Hotel.

My casa host was Lissy.  She is a cute petite Cuban woman with a pleasant personality.  She knew enough English to explain the workings of the apartment which consisted of a room with a full sized bed.  This seems to be the norm for bed sizes based on my last casa.  The room was large enough for a small round table and two sitting chairs.  There was a color flat screen TV mounted on a wall as well as an AC unit.  A floor model fan was also in the room with two bedside tables.  The closet was very European looking and built into the wall.  When you closed the closet door there was a full size mirror on the other side.  The room had 3 large windows that you could open for fresh air and it brightened the room very well.

The hallway led to a private bathroom with shower/tub combo.  The water pressure was pretty good and the water was nice and hot.  The water was only on in the AM and later in the evening.

Lissy explained how to use the keys to enter the casa.  There was a key for the front door.  Once pass that door there was a short hallway for which there was a door to Lissy’s place on the right and another door straight ahead with a lock that led to my room.  Once past the 2nd door you entered the corridor that housed the mini kitchenette which had a microwave and refrigerator, entrance to the private bathroom and another locked door outside my bedroom.  So in all you had to get through three doors to get to the bedroom.  More than enough to feel secure.

I was only with Lissy two nights and all I can say is it was very pleasant and close to all I needed to get to.  I would definitely recommend Lissy’s Casa.

Link to AirBNB

Microwave in the kitchen


Bathroom on the left


the full size bed


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