Buena Comida


Everything happens for a reason.  Leaving my casa starving because I had just arrived and hadn’t eaten since 6AM and it was now 1PM.  I ran into Alejandro.  Cuban’s are very friendly and love to show you around their country.  Of course this comes with a small fee but never the less, they are very friendly.

Alejandro spotted me and started asking a bunch of questions.  I told him I was on my way to eat lunch and he offered to take me to a restaurant that offered traditional cuban cuisine.  I started to follow Alejandro to Imperio which was all but 5 minutes walk from my Casa.  If a local recommends a place you are better off as I was informed.  The private owned restaurants have better food and only locals know which ones those are.

We reached Imperio and gave Alejandro 2 CUC and he went on his way.  Only 2 other tables were in use so I had a choice of seats.  I chose the table by the window so I could people watch.  I enjoy people watching.

I was asked if I spoke English or Spanish and I requested an English-speaking waitress with a smile.  My Spanish is up to par for ordering but life is much easier on all of us if I just stick with English for now 😀

The Waitress went over the specials which included an appetizer, main meal and dessert for 25 CUC.  I thought it was a good deal because I wanted the grilled white fish, lobster and shrimp.  Fried ham dumplings was the appetizer.  I devoured them because I was so hungry.  My beverage of choice was red sangria to start and their native beer to finish.



Cristal Beer

My main meal arrived and it looked delish.  I am not as starved as I was when I arrived so I did not have to look like an animal while I enjoyed my meal.  Would not want them to think bad of Americans – LOL


The Special

As you can see, the special comes with white rice and black beans, testones and a small salad.  Dessert was flaun.  I am not a flaun fan but theirs was pretty tasty.  I was stuffed by then so I only enjoyed half – moderation.

I payed my tab and the waitress gave me a discount card for 50% off my next visit.  So you know where I at the next night…. Imperio!!


Grilled Lobster Day 2


The next night I opted for a big piece of grilled Lobster and that came up to 12 CUC… Score!!



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