Frost Bitten Thumbs – 5K


I made a promise to myself to run a couple of 5Ks and 10Ks to get to my old running speed. Today I ran my first 5K in my new age group, 45-49 😜

Blue Devils 5K

Blue Devils 5K

I really did not want to get out of my nice warm bed for a 33 degree 5K which had the nerve to start at 8AM. Lucky enough it was 5 minutes from my house so I talked myself into going.

The biggest pain to running in the cold is the bundling up. I haven’t run in the cold in about 2 years so I was unsure how much clothes to put on. I started with a base layer top and my Nike thermal leggings. I then added a zip up light Nike all-weather top. I grabbed a pair of gloves and a moister wicken hat that had flaps to cover your ears. My colors were purple, white and black. Just because it’s cold doesn’t mean I can’t be cutely coordinated 😉

I grabbed my cell phone which was only 35% charged, my car keys and ran out the door  I had no time to look for my phone carrying case because it was already 7:40 already and I still had to get my number.

The drive took 10 minutes with ample parking around the school.  I ran to the packet pickup which was only about a quarter of a mile away from where I parked.  No one was in line so I quickly picked up my number and a bag with my small cotton tee shirt.  I did not feel cold when I ran in so opted to leave my gloves in my bag and staff them in the high school gym where the packet pick up was being held.

It was now 7:55 and the race was about to start so we all gathered outside.  My hands still felt fine so did not go back for my gloves.  It’s 8:03 and we start.  I get half a mile in and my phone dies.  I’m wondering how 33% went so quickly but could not get it started again.  I was really bummed because I was using my phone for music and my run keeper app.  Now I am just am carrying this dead phone and my hands are starting to freeze.

Race Start

Race Start

As I pass the 1.5 mark, there is a water station.  I opted for no water – wasn’t thirsty – and I usually only get water for 5Ks during warmer weather.  I did stop because my thumbs were numb.  I wrap the bottom of my sleeves around my thumbs and rubbed them against the fabric.  I was able to get rid of the frozen feeling but my time was now off due to the walking.  I start back running.  The course was awesome – rolling hills – not steep and one right after the other.

I am now about to enter the last quarter mile of the race which ends back at the high school on the track.  The clock reads 34:07.  Since this race was not chip timed and I did not start in the beginning, I was technically under 34 minutes but my official time is 34:07:8.

finish time

Finish Time

After the race I ran back to my car and started home.  I can not report on the post race activities but the race was well organized and the course was fun.



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