Sisterly Love


Forty-five is vastly approaching although I have been claiming the age since September. Yesterday my Sis and I had a late lunch to celebrate the big day – January 18. Yes, another milestone year and I am truly blessed and loving life.

Martina and I both eat healthy so we chose a restaurant that offered vegan & gluten-free options. I don’t need either but it doesn’t bother me. Sis, on the other hand, has many food allergies. The restaurant of choice was Fresh Grill, Johns Creek. I had passed this place a dozen times but never dined there.  Tri[advisor gave them good ratings so we said, why not.

The restaurant was very clean and spacious.  They offered tortilla chips for the table after you are seated.  The menu isn’t huge but they had enough to make a selection.  I had their avocado salad with grilled salmon and Martina had the same with a vegan veggie sandwich on gluten-free bread.



Our meals were very good.  The waiter and waitress assisted with the picture-taking.  Sis and I engaged in various conversations just enjoying quality time. It was a beautiful sunny Sunday in Johns Creek with temps in the 70’s.

After my meal the waitress brought out a slice of vegan chocolate cake as a birthday gift.  I have not had birthday cake in over 5 years.  I am usually out of the country on vacation somewhere.  It was kinda weird doing the birthday meal and gifting.  The cake was so delicious I had to force myself to only eat half of it.  I wish my sister could have tried it but it wasn’t gluten-free.



We end the afternoon with a farewell pic and lots of hugging.  Love you Sis!






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