My last race at 44


I hit the big 4 — 5 in four days.  I am super excited about this milestone age because I am so proud of where my life is.  There have been so many accomplishments over these past 45 years that I really have to take time out to reflect and thank God.  I am truly blessed and loved.

Here it is, January 2017, and I have not participated in any races since October and have not registered for any races in 2017.  This is so not like me and I can see where I am putting off my long distance and outdoor running.  Heck, I don’t even have a half marathon scheduled anytime soon.  I really need to get back to running.  I still love it but for some reason have been slacking.

In order to make a change you have to start.  So I signed up for a 5K this past Wednesday.  I told myself I will sign up for 5K’s for 2 months and move onto 10Ks by March.  From there I will get back in to running half marathons twice a month.

So I have a plan and just need to execute.  The first 5K selected was at the Suwanee greenway .  I picked this race solely because it was less than 5 minutes from my home, I didn’t have to find parking and it started at 9AM 🙂 .  Sorry not sorry.

I finished not too shabby but no where at my time when I was running more consistent.  This is fine because I know I can do better and I will.

Race recap:

The race started 5 minutes late because they had to locate a guy who had the wrong big or something like that.  No biggie, this gave me time to take pictures.  Once they sorted out the bib issue, we were off.  The start was outside Suwanee City Hall which was a slight uphill followed by a nice .25 mile downhill to the greenway.  The greenway is pretty much flat.  There was one water stop that could be used on the way out or back since the race was an out and back.

The only other people out on the course were those at the water station and the police officer directing traffic.  So if you are a runner that requires crowd support there was no crowds at this race – 😂

On the return you have to run up that “nice” down hill from the start.  Its not that nice on the way back but once you get to the top you are at the 3 mile maker and only have .1 to go.

Overall this was a low key race where you get to come out an run with other fellow runners on a beautiful sunny 52 degree morning.


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  • Mahesh
    January 14, 2017

    You always inspire with your travel and fitness! Congrats on getting back into racing in 2017!

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