It was lights out immediately after day 1 of touring with Karim.  The combination of flying all day Christmas, arriving at my hotel at 2 AM, rising for a 8AM all day tour, and kayaking for 2.5 hours drained the life out of me.  I was able to get in 8 hours and rose bright and early on Tuesday, December 27th.

Day 2 – Omoa

Karim had two others with him – a mother and son from Mexico.  Boy I can not wait until my Spanish is at conversational level, I dislike feeling left out of conversations. 🙁  I could pick up on words but could not participate in the van conversation.  Karim would translate for me but I know it was the cliff notes version.

Omoa was also an hour away from San Pedro Sula.  Our first stop was Puerto Cortes right on the Laguna de Alvarado, north of San Pedro Sula and east of Omoa.  This seaport is used to transport goods to the USA and other countries.

Our stop at the Laguna was short, more for a photo op and I love photo ops.

Laguna de Alvarado


Here I am standing in front of the beach.  The mainland does have beaches but they do not compare to the beaches on the Bay Islands.  And yes, another quick stop for a photo op.

The beach


Back in the car for a short ride to Fortaleza de San Fernando de Omoa, an 18th-century Spanish fort.  In front of the fort is a mini museum.  We started the tour from the museum.

Fort Replica


The tour guide at the was very detailed.  Unfortunately I did not record his name.  I have visited forts in other counties such as Colombia and Cuba but for some reason I never participated in an organized tour to get an understanding of what each room was used for.  This tour lasted about an hour.

Outside the Fort


The Church


Entrance way for the horses as they enter the fort.


Vents over the kitchen

We ended the day with lunch at another one of Karim’s favorite restaurants overlooking the beach.  I ordered garlic shrimp this time. I wasn’t as hungry as I was after kayaking so opted not to have a whole fish. I must say it was another delightful dish.  Most plates in Honduras are served with green plantains.  The only time I can remember being served yellow sweet plantains was for breakfast.

Garlic Shrimp


After lunch Karim shuttled me to the airport for my crop duster flight to the Bay Islands.


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