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Beach time, oh how I love thee!!  The flight from San Pedro Sula is abut 20 minutes.  You spend more time getting to airport and passing thru TSA than flying.  If you have anything bigger than a duffle bag you definitely have to check your bag.  Make sure to watch for your head if you try to standup too quickly on the flight, even I had issues standing at 5’3″.

What I can say, airlines outside of the USA seem to provide more amenities regardless of your ticket type and flight distance.  I was traveling with Avianca Airlines and for that 20 minute flight they gave us a big bottle of water and a cookie.  I do not think Delta are American would have provided refreshments – but I could be wrong.

Avianca Airlines – 20 Minute Flight


We arrived at Roatan Airport on schedule, just a little past 4 PM.  This is the last flight of the day for Roaton.  Pretty much everything is shutdown.  My driver was waiting on me.  I arranged airport transfers prior to arrival.  Based on lonely planet and other forums on the web, transfers were all about the same – $30 US.  Roatan is not a can be pricey in regards to lodging and transportation.

My resort was about 30 minutes from the airport.  The only reason why it took 30 minutes was due to the potholes.  Their streets are worse than the TRI-State after a winter of snow and salt.  Roatan’s bad road conditions are due to the heavy rains and lack of proper drainage causes the water to settle on the asphalt creating the potholes.

Check-in at the Bananarama was straight forward.  The room was already paid for so they just needed a copy of my passport and credit card.  The rooms are little bungalows so you get a key instead of a card for entry.


The receptionist completed the check-in process and showed me to my room.  I dropped of my bags and headed straight to the beach for dinner.  I was tied from the past two days of travel and tours so I walked the beach just to see what was there, ordered dinner, listened to some live music and headed back to my room for bed.  It was going to be an early night.  I had 1.5 days in Roatan which was more than enough to see the whole island.

Dinner at the beach – Lobster, mixed veggies & Green Plantains

Day 3 in Honduras – December 28

I started the day with a leisurely run/walk along the beach stopping to take pictures (check the gallery below for those pics).  I then left the beach to see what was in the town.  There were shops right in back of the resort – on the main road.  I found a cute little coffee and vino shop.  The lattes were superb and their wifi was much strong than on the resort.

Java & Vino

I went back to my room to shower and change for the beach.  I hung out at the beach the rest of the morning.  My tour of tour of the whole island was starting at 2 PM.  I just hired a driver to take me around instead of having to wait on the shuttle.  I will cover the rum factory,  bird & monkey farm in another post.

Franklin – My driver

Day 4 in Honduras – December 29



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