Honduras – Mainland


My week in Honduras was so eventful I am going to have to chop this post into two – mainland and Bay Island – Roatan.  I’ll use this first post to highlight my travel to Honduras Christmas Day and the activities on the mainland.

I arrived at San Pedro Internal Airport around 1AM on December 26th.  And of course the immigration’s process is supper slow.  The lines were so long because our plane was packed and I was seated by the bathroom *rolls eyes*.  I get to the immigration agent 45 minutes later and they take my finger prints and check my documents.  That took all of 5 minutes.  At this point I am super tired and just want to catch some Zzzzs.  I know I had arranged for a taxi to pick me up so I did not have to wait on a ride.  I dare to check bags when traveling internationally for fear the bag will get lost or picked through so that wasn’t an issue either.

Well my taxi driver was standing right outside of immigrations with a name sign – yippie!!  I had mapped the distance from the airport to my hotel prior to leaving so I knew it was under a 15 minute ride.  I arrive at my hotel, Gran Hotel Sula, San Pedro Sula and the check-in process was seamless.  I was in my room and off to bed within 30 minutes.

Day 1 – Monday, December 26

My pre-scheduled tour pick was at 8AM.  It sounded like a good idea when I made my itinerary.  I forgot to factor going to sleep around 2:30 AM and the jet lag from flying most the day on Christmas.  Anyways, Kerim was the tour guide and I had booked a full day tour at Pulhapanzak Waterfalls with kayaking at the lake, stop for lunch and cave explorations.  Karim’s tour company is called – Intercambio Catracho.

Karim was on time and I was his only client (this means I have a dedicated photographer 🙂 ).  The waterfalls were about an hour from San Pedro.  The drive was very scenic with tons of mountains in the horizons, grasslands, coffee plantations and cattle along the way.

We arrive at the falls and you can just walk over to them “no hiking required”!!  It is absolutely beautiful.

Pulhapanzak Waterfall

After about 45 minutes at the falls we headed over to Lake Yojoa for a couple of hours of kayaking.  Sitting on the lake was so relaxing.  Karim kayaked along side of me.  We were on the lake for 2.5 hours – I know, time flies when you are having fun.  Along our journey I witnessed various species of pretty birds, greenery and the mountains just set the mood.









OK – I am famished … FOOD!!  Kerim just laughed at me but kindle obliged.    He took me to a private resort for lunch, Casa Lenca Hotel.  Kerim boasted that they had the best fresh water tilapia and it was delish.  I cleaned my plate.  The sides were beans and rice and fried green plantains.  I know I may appear greedy to Karim but I could have cared less.


The resort had a great big pool that overlooked the lake.


Casa Lenca Hotel Resort

My belly was full and the sun was about the set, Mimi was wearing down.  Last stop were the caves, Cuevas de Taulbe which were just down the road.  Taulabé Caves are part of a natural cave system that spreads throughout the municipality of Taulabé.  The cave system was discovered after an explosion and have been kept up ever since.


Well this concludes Day 1.  Please see my post on Omoa for Day 2 details.



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