The Cuban Visa Process


Each of the airlines has their own process for obtaining a cuban visa.  For the most part, the option of waiting until you arrival at your departure airport is always available.  In this post I will provide details on my experiences with Aeoromexico and Spirit Airlines.

Their visa process has to be the easiest. Flying out of Cancun, MX all you have to do is go to the visa counter and provide your passport and boarding ticket. You then purchase a visa with cash only in the amount of $25 (cheapest). You will need to fill out both sides of the visa at the counter and you are on your way to TSA. In Cuba, one half of the visa is stamped instead of your passport and the second half is stamped upon departure. That’s It!!

Spirit Airlines
Now with spirit, as you are purchasing your ticket they provide a number for contacting either the Cuban Embassy in DC or their broker, Airline Brokers. After a couple of weeks Spirit will also send you an email with the same information.

I used Airline Brokers and their process is very straight forward. You go to website and click on the tab for Request a Visa. The form takes five (5) minutes to complete. All you need is your departure date, passengers full name, airline (Spirit), email, address to mail voucher to, applicant full name and their nationality (American). Once you have completed those fields you have the option of having the visa sent via USPS instead of certified mail. I went with certified mail. You just have to sign for the package when it arrives. The visa cost is $65 with a $10 processing fee which totals $75. The visa should arrive within a week. Airline Brokers will not take this request if your departure date is within 72 hours of your visa request date. Schedule accordingly!! 🙂


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