From Beaches to Mountains


This was my 5th straight weekend away from Atlanta and it was very eventful. I planned to go back to my home state to visit family and friends and ended up near the Catskills. Yes, No Beach.

One of my very good friends had to attend a work event and invited me along. It was hard to say no to an all expenses paid weekend at a resort with indoor/outdoor pools, hot tub, onsite restaurants, spa, gym, horse back riding, and go-carts. So I skipped the city scene and headed to the mountains. I could go visiting friends and family before leaving for the airport on Sunday :-).

We arrived after a 2.5 hour drive in Calicoona, New York at Villa Roma resort Friday evening. It took us a little longer because we are both picture taking fanatics and had to make several stops for nature shots. We headed to the pools for a little sun and then had dinner and crashed.

Saturday we enjoyed a delicious breakfast and then headed to the stables for horseback riding. That ride was so enjoyable and tranquil. I had not been on a horse in almost 6 years. My horse’s name was Sundance. Sundance did not care for galloping and I was OK with it. He took care of me and I took care of him.


After the ride we lounged around the resort. My friend, David, had to attend Union Meetings so I got caught up on work emails and sleep. The weekend was truly relaxing.

Later in the evening we attended dinner in the main dining room. I went off to a work conference call while David watched the fireworks. We stayed in and watched movies and relaxed.

Sunday morning we headed back to the city. The drive was much faster without all the picture taking and traffic. I spent the afternoon visiting family and enjoying the weather.

I love hanging out with David. He is the most fun and laid back gentleman I know. True good friends are hard to find and keep which makes David a blessing. Too bad our schedules do not allow us to travel more often. Until next time, another eventful weekend in the books.

September 11, 2016


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