America’s Finest City HM & 5K


Another quick weekend getaway. I mentioned to my co-worker, Mahesh, that I would be in town for a beach bum weekend and he told me about this race. He had already signed up for the half marathon and was driving up from OC Saturday. I was not about to commit to another HM since I just ran Vancouver last weekend. I can only “fake” one (1) HM a month – LOL

The packet pick-up Saturday was very nice. Lots of freebies and goodies to taste. It was held at the Sheraton which is very close to Sand Diego Airport. I ended up buying a pair of Hawaiian shorts for my Ragnar Relay in October, running shades and a race belt to hold my iphone and keys. I am sporting my new shades in the pics BTW 🙂

Getting to the race from my hostel on the beach was easy peasy. I was able to find parking on the street outside Balboa Park. I made it to the finish time just before the Anthem started. The race started at 6:15, on time. The whole 5K route was contained within Balboa Park. I did my usual run/walk. I have not been running distance without walking in months. The whole course was pretty much flat. There were some inclines but nothing you can classify as a hill. At least not in Georgia.

I believe I finished in 40minutes or so. I no longer run for time. It is more for exercise and entertainment. Mahesh on the other hand had a goal to run a sub 2 hour HM. He had been training for months. This was going to be his second HM. He completed the first in 1:56 and wanted to beat that time.

I finished well before Mahesh – well I should hope so since we started first and I was only running a 5K. I stayed around to watch Mahesh finish. I was able to get a video of the first HM finisher. His stride was amazing. The first runner finished in 1:04. I almost took as long in my 5K which is 1/3 of the distance – LOL.

Back to Mahesh – He finished in 1:53 which gave him a three (3) minute PR!!! He was so excited and we were all proud of him. He said his legs cramped up running the hills to where he had to hobble 2 miles. Regardless of the pain, Mahesh pushed thru. Very proud of him.

August 21, 2016


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