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I am really starting to enjoy the hostel life. My first hostel experience was in South Beach Miami (write-up pending) and this was my second. So far it appears each have their own rules, offer WIFI and breakfast and have a special keycard or code for entry.

Upon arrival I was handed my sheets, a towel and hostel rules/key. Upon entering the room on the second level, there were 3 bunk beds – 6 women. I was lucky to get a bunk bed that was empty so I chose the bottom bunk. I made my bed and left the big comforter folded in the corner.

AC was at the minimum in the room but they did provide a fan. SD didn’t get that hot so the temperature was fine. I am sure it can get pretty toasty on hotter days. The room was clean and it had a sink and mirror in it for teeth brushing and hair fixing.

There was a ladies bathroom which had 3 showers, 3 sinks, large mirror and 2 restrooms. Very nice size for 5 people to be in it without difficulty. It was also very clean. There were 2 other single entry toilet/shower rooms on the floor as well.

I didn’t get a pic of our room or bathrooms but they were very clean. I was out and about so did not take advantage of the breakfast either. Starbuck’s is right across the street along with several other places to eat. The beach is 3 short blocks away. Parking is difficult so best to uber, bus or ride a bike.

This hostel is in a perfect location and the cost was only $50 per night. The airport and Gaslamp areas are 10 minutes away driving. There are also bike rentals a block away.

I would definitely recommend this hostel.

Dates – August 19-21.
Address – 4961 Newport Avenue, San Diago, CA

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  • Balalah
    August 25, 2016

    Sweet! I’ll have to look into these as a lodging possibility 🙂

    • Mimi
      August 25, 2016

      Thanks for reading the post, Balalah.

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