I finally made it to the XPLOR Adventure Park.  They have five adventures with a buffet that are park of the $129 admission fee.  I was a bit nervous because I am afraid of heights and I am not very confident of my swimming abilities.  I decided to go to Fuego, the night version, to avoid the heat and the crowds.  This also allowed me to lay out on the beach all day 🙂

The adventures available are:  Zip Lining (7 lines), Amphibious Cars, Rafting via the Caves, Hammock Adventure and a Cave Swim.  I skipped the Cave Swim because the water was deep and I did not feel like swimming.  The Zip Lines took the longest and were the most fun.

Night Zip Line – All I can say was it was an awesome experience.  The park had enough lighting to see below into the jungle.  The lines were long and high.  We had to cross two wobble bridges and zip through 7 lines.  The last line dumped us in the waters in the cave.  We got soaked but it was so much fun.

The park is great for all ages but can be a bit strenuous if you are not in good shape.  The Zip Lines require you to climb several stairs to get the mount point.  I had to stop to catch my breath on one of them.  A lady that was behind me had foot problems and was in pain at the end from all the climbing.

Overall I would recommend this excursion for its ease in registration, access to the 5 adventures, staff and the food selection at the buffet.


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