Boulder Dash 5K


This race was sponsored by Northside Hospital Forsyth with race distances of 5K and 10K.  I ran the 5K because I want to work on my speed and love the idea of getting done in 30 minutes or less.  It was a little challenging this morning due to the fact the race started at 9 AM, it was HOT and HUMID.  To add insult to injury, majority of the race was up hill.  I usually do not require water but today was an exception.  Unfortunately we did not have a hydration station until after mile 2.  Although this was very late in the race I was very appreciative to have it as opposed to nothing at all.
The finish was a block away from the start so they provided buses back to the start.  This was a nice touch considering the start was not quite a mile away.

Overall Race Report Status

  • Race started on time and was put together very well
  • The courtesy bus transport to the start after the race was a nice touch
  • Free race photos


  • Place the hydration station at the halfway mark
  • Start the race earlier than 9 AM to avoid the Atlanta heat

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